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Bridging Traditional Finance with the World of Crypto

What We Do

We are a dedicated team of principal investors investing in early stage cryptocurrency projects. We specialise in in projects pioneering the development of web 3.0 infrastructure and those paving the way for institutional adoption of blockchain technology. In bull markets we witness projects releasing everyday. Whilst a bull run does not last forever, some of the technology and projects from these eras will. We recognise that for a project to experience sustained success there needs to be a great idea, the potential for mass adoption as well as institutional appeal. We are multi-stage investors, providing support and capital throughout the development process, specialising in recruitment and research opportunities.

Crypto in Action
A look at some of our investments

Alluo Logo_edited.png
Alluo Finance

Alluo is cross-chain yield optimisation and liquidity direction protocol for stablecoins and other crypto assets. The protocol enables the Alluo mobile app users to earn stable and competitive yields for the assets they buy and hold through the Alluo mobile app which is a non-custodial wallet on polygon. Alluo provides a user-friendly interface for newcomers to engage with Defi in a secure, straightforward, and profitable manner 

QAN_logo 2.jpg
QAN Platfrom (QAN)

 QAN Platform is a quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain that's primed for  institutional adoption with businesses able to run decentralised apps using familiar coding languages on QAN within minutes. With the development of quantum technology advancing, QAN offers a unique solution for the blockchain industry. QAN Platform will be launching their test-net early in 2022

Pendulum logo - 2000px white bg_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Pendulum (PEN)

Pendulum is a layer 2 solution for the Stellar Network, an open source, decentralised protocol for digital currency to fiat money low-cost transfers which allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. Stellar currently has a market cap of over $7 Billion.

Pendulum has received an R&D  grant from the Stellar Foundation and looks to bridge the protocol with the growing DeFi industry

Defactor logo.png
Defactor (FACTR)

Defactor offers companies access to the DeFi economy. They are one of the first platforms to put real-world assets onto the blockchain, facilitating the bridge between asset originators and DeFi investors. Partnered with Centrifuge they will become the first major project to tap into Centrifuge's liquidity pool and facilitate the entrance of new industries and businesses into Defi, catalysing mass adoption

Redkite logo_edited.png
Redkite (KITE)

Redkite is an NFT Marketplace focused on bringing traditional artists into the future of digital ownership. Key creative partnerships with influential artists such as Ben Eine, VOYDER, Fanakapan and others will provide the platform with premium art for year to come. Redkite are also  offering a whitelabelling of their platform's technology, which integrates unique royalty features as well as incorporating a new standard of NFT

SmartSwap Logo Black.png
Smartswap (SMART)

Smartswap's revolutionary technology offers the possibility of providing a one-click slippage-free cross-chain swap in a simple layer that decentralises the access to all CEXs (Centralised exchanges) and the OTC (Over-the-counter) industry. Smartswap is the world's first Smart Decentralised Exchange (SDEX) and in their words they draw parallels to being the  Paypal of Crypto: 'creating a simple one-click layer on top of banks to send and receive funds'

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Who We Are

Plutus Young was founded upon the belief that cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them will shape the principles finance will be conducted upon in the future.  We believe the crypto is here to stay, yet many traditional investors are unwilling and often simply unable to invest in cryptocurrencies. Our experiences speaking with institutional investors is that it is often the misconceptions and stigmas behind crypto which prevent them from trialling investment into the industry. As such at Plutus Young, we strive to bridge the world of traditional finance with the crypto industry. In the same respect we focus our investment strategies on investing in those projects we feel have the greatest potential for mass adoption and institutional appeal. 

London City

Meet The Team

Ben Young
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George Bier

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Dylan Gordon

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Akiva Levin

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London City

Our Focus

Our investments focus on those projects that will enable the current players in the traditional financial industries to feel comfortable investing in crypto markets. Having made the switch to investing in the crypto industry ourselves we recognise the challenges in understanding where the inherent value behind the projects lie. We have consequently made it our mission to find those projects we believe have the potential to be adopted, but most importantly understood by existing institutions. By acting as a medium we believe we can provide opportunity and value for both industries. Additionally we have strived to carve out a niche in the VC industry specialising in education, recruitment and research opportunities. By partnering with one of the largest non-profit organisations in the industry, the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) , and through our own self-built network, we are able to connect the projects we invest in with the brightest minds blockchain has to offer. Founded in  2014 between blockchain clubs including at the University of Michigan, MIT, and Stanford, BEN provides accessible educational resources,  jobs and internship opportunities, as well as an online and offline community for all its members. 

Contact Us

For any inquiries, please call or email us. Alternatively, you can fill in the following contact form.

Plutus Young Ltd

Thank you for contacting Plutus Young Ltd. The team will respond as soon as possible.

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